New Hobby: Loom Knitting

Loom knitting

This month I took on a new project – loom knitting! I had never knitted before, but I decided to give it a shot after being introduced to it by my boyfriend’s mom. It hasn’t been too hard to learn and I can see it being a great new hobby. I can tell it’ll be a relaxing activity that I can do whenever I have a desire to work with my hands.

I’m starting off easy with just making scarves. Once I’m comfortable, I’ll try some different stitches and patterns too. I’ve seen so many different things you can make on looms, from scarves and headbands to blankets and bags. I can’t wait to try some new things!

I’ve been using the long rectangular looms to make scarves, but there are also circle looms as well. I’ve found that they’re all pretty inexpensive and affordable. You can check out some looms HERE

I was surprised at how fast and easy loom knitting was. I made my first scarf in very little time at all. Soon, I’ll have a lot of scarves laying around because I’m enjoying this new hobby so much.


loom knitting
First scarf I made with the 19″ loom


knitting on a loom
Second scarf I’m currently working on with the 10″ loom

The yarn I’m using (Red Heart) isn’t the softest, so I’m excited to do a little shopping for some softer, better quality yarns. Oh the possibilities!

Have you ever tried loom knitting? What things have you made?



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