New Site?

You might notice that my site is looking a bit different now. That’s because I took a plunge and switched my blog from the Blogger platform to WordPress. I did it for a number of reasons (which I’ll talk about in another blog post for bloggers who want to read about it). The main reason is that I wanted my blog to continue to grow and I felt the move to WordPress would support that goal more so than staying on Blogger. I just made the switch over the weekend, so I’m still in that adjustment period where I’m learning this new platform and everything I can do with it (there’s a lot!).  I’m still also in the process of fixing things, making tweaks to the design, and getting settled into my blog’s new home.

What I already love about the new site is that it will be easier to navigate and find things that interest you as a reader. See that spiffy new menu bar above? I broke all of my posts down into specific categories and organized them nicely, so feel free to do some browsing!

So far, I’m loving this change and once I make a few more adjustments, things will be running smoothly again. I hope you’re liking the new design!

Have a fabulous week!


Beauty Experiment: Does Lip Primer Make A Difference?

Last time I made an Hautelook order, I bought a few Laura Geller items, including Lip Spackle. Lip Spackle is a lip primer that you can use under lipstick or gloss to make it last longer. It prevents color from feathering and bleeding and it also keeps your lips soft and conditioned. This was the first lip primer I’ve ever used, so I decided to put it to the test and see if it does what it claims by doing a little experiment.

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My Trip to the Coast


My parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! My dad’s advice on making it that far? “Start early!” Haha. So, to celebrate this huge milestone in their marriage, Mark and I went along with them on a little trip to the coast. Our plan was to start in the Bay Area around San Francisco and head up to Fort Bragg with little stops along the way.

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