Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

Kiss InstaWave Curler

Press Sample

I’m excited to share an awesome curling iron with you today. It’s very different from the curling irons you’re used to though. Keep reading to find out how it works and to see it in action.

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Black Friday Beauty Haul

Black Friday beauty haul

Yep, I did some shopping for Black Friday, which now partially starts on Thanksgiving. Is that silly or what? Right when people are supposed to be enjoying family time. We go from being thankful for what we have, to buying all the things in sight, within a couple hours. Even so, on my way home from my parents house, I pass by all the good stores: Best Buy, Ulta, Victoria’s Secret/Pink, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc. Target is across the street where I live and Walmart is a minute away. For the stores that started the deals early, I had to stop by and see what I could find.

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Holiday Glam with Q-tips

Applying red lipstick

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‘Tis the season for getting glam and dressing up. When you go that extra mile on your makeup and nails, there’s a lot of room for error. Sometimes eyeshadow ends up on your cheeks, eyeliner wings are totally mismatching, lipstick is drawn a little too far outside the line, and nail polish ends up on cuticles. Mistakes happen so easily, but luckily, there’s a simple tool to fix it all and keep you looking your best for the holidays!

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