5 Beauty Products & Tools Worth the Splurge

5 Splurge-Worthy Beauty Items
How much are you willing to spend on one beauty product or tool? Do you splurge on highly-coveted items to keep up with the latest and greatest? Or do you only spend serious cash after researching and saving up? Today I have a list of 5 beauty products and tools that I think are definitely worth splurging on. These are tried and true items that I would seriously recommend you get your hands on!

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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Press Sample

Irresistible Me hair extensions
Clip-in hair extensions are pretty cool. Why? Because within a couple minutes, you can add length and volume to your hair with extensions and it takes the same amount of time to remove them. Simple and easy! You don’t have to commit long term and you can style them any way you want.

Irresistible Me contacted me and offered to send me a set of their clip-in extensions to try. Prior to the offer, I had never tried any form of hair extension, ever! These were uncharted waters for me, but knowing how popular clip-in extensions were, I wanted to see their greatness for myself.

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New LUSH Goodies

Purchased by Me
lush goodies

I stopped at my local Lush right before Easter to see what holiday bath goodies I could snag. Unfortunately, they only had a couple things that I wasn’t interested in buying (I wanted the Easter egg bath bombs!). I wasn’t going to leave with nada though, especially since it’s a 25-minute drive from where I live. So, instead, I picked out a few non-holiday items to satisfy my Lush craving.

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Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

Physician's Formula Eye Booster

Confession: I wish my lashes were longer and thicker. I think a lot of women feel the same. Are you one of them? I’m always looking for lash products to help me emulate long, gorgeous, look-at-me lashes. Without a good mascara, my eyelashes barely even show up. I’ve been using the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit to give my lashes a major upgrade! Keep reading for my review and to see the before and after shots.

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