3 of My Favorite Outfits

My favorite outfits

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Earlier this month, I shared two outfits I loved wearing during Summer and expressed that I felt good enough to wear them during “aunt flow’s” visit. Today, I’m sharing 3 more of my favorite outfits and the same goes for these as well! I feel great wearing these outfits and nothing, even my period, is going to stop me from wearing them.

3 of My Favorite Outfits

Let me show you my favorite outfits, tell you what events I wear them for, and what I love about them.


Outfit 1 – Crop-top & Layered Skirt

My favorite outfits - crop top and black skirt


Tropical print crop top and black skirt

This outfit is too cute to not wear any day of the month


I adore this outfit. I’m comfortable wearing it casually or dressing it up. It makes me feel super girly and pretty. I don’t always get the chance to feel like that with what I wear because a lot of my closet consists of very casual, comfortable clothing. This would be something I’d easily wear on a date.

The crop-top covers enough of the shoulder area that any bra could be worn with it and it has a really nice scalloped neckline. On top of that, I love the colorful, tropical pattern. The skirt pairs well with the top and is definitely one of the best skirts I own! My favorite part about it is how it’s layered with light fabric that flows and bounces as I walk. 


Outfit 2 – Plaid Frilly Top & Mint Shorts

My favorite outfits - plaid top and mint lace shorts

I can wear this at any time


Plaid top and mint lace shorts


There’s a lot of texture with this outfit, but it works! This one gives me that girly vibe in a different way. There’s plenty of frills and feminine elements to it, while still being a relaxed look. I wear this shopping, walking around town, or to a lunch with friends.

I’ve had this plaid top for so long that I can’t remember when or where I got it. I’ve had it well over 10 years and I still get compliments on it to this day. My favorite feature is the sleeves; they’re so flattering! I also like the ruffles at the neckline. The material is lightweight, sheer, and breathable, which makes it comfortable to wear in various temperatures. I think the shorts work with the top since they’re a solid color, so there’s no competing patterns or designs. The lace overlay is so subtle that it doesn’t overpower, yet it does catch the eye, especially at the hemline.  


Outfit 3 – Criss Cross Top and Maxi Skirt

My favorite outfits - aztec printed maxi skirt and crop top


Printed maxi skirt and crop top

I wear what I want, period or not


This is my sexy, free-spirited outfit. It shows flashes of skin in a tasteful way. This is an outfit I’d wear to a festival or concert. I can just picture myself wearing this, cool drink in hand, flower crown in my hair, listening to some good tunes!

I like that this top isn’t cropped super high like some of the others I own, yet it does leave some torso exposed. The criss-cross part over the chest is the best feature of the top. It gives it a flirty feel. The maxi skirt is perfect for this look. I love the colors, the pattern, and the fit. Even more, I love how there are 2 slits, one on each side that show glimpses of my legs as I walk. 


Always Radiant

I am confident wearing all three of these outfits even during my period!  You should always feel confident to #WearWhatYouWant, no matter what. Thanks to Always Radiant Pads that’s possible. They provide protection so we don’t have to be afraid to wear anything at any time! If I can wear my favorite outfits all month long, so you can you!!


Ashley is a twenty-something California girl, who loves writing, photography, shopping, drawing, and testing beauty products.