Going Lighter and Brighter with John Frieda® Hair Care

I partnered with John Frieda® Hair Care to bring you this sponsored post.


John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

Since Summer started, I’ve been craving a slight change for my hair. A change that would lighten my strands a bit and give me a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow. I started using the John Frieda® Hair Care Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Collection, which can be found at Walmart, to see what it could do for me. It seemed like a perfect way to achieve the change I was hoping for.


John Frieda Brilliant Brunette


The John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Collection helps give hair a natural sun-kissed glow by gradually brightening hair, minus brassiness. These products work for all brunettes, whether natural, highlighted, or color-treated.

The John Frieda® Hair Care products I’m using:

  • Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Subtle Lightening Shampoo – This shampoo cleanses while it gradually infuses golden tones.

  • Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Subtle Lightening Conditioner – This conditioner moisturizes and illuminates natural brunette tones.

  • Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ In-Shower Lightening Treatment – This 5-minute treatment is used in the shower and illuminates to reveal a lighter shade of brunette in 1 wash. It lightens your natural brunette spectrum.


Yes, you read that right….these products are helping me get the color I want in the shower! It might sound too good to be true, but it actually works! I was really surprised that I saw a difference right away from the Visibly Brighter™ Treatment. With the Visibly Brighter™ Shampoo and Visibly Brighter™ Conditioner you start to see a difference after 3-5 uses. 

Not only is the John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Collection helping me lighten my hair, but my hair also looks incredibly luminous, feels silky smooth, and has an overall radiant appearance to it. On top of that, the products smell amazing as I’m using them! 

Here are my before and after pics:

Before and after John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter


Before and after John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter

Notice the difference? I sure do and I’m happy it was so easy to achieve in a non-damaging way. I’m eager to see what it looks like after a few more uses of the Visibly Brighter™ Shampoo and Visibly Brighter™ Conditioner!

I think it’s also necessary to mention the products available for brunettes who want to go the other direction and deepen their color. The John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Deeper™ Collection infuses rich, dark tones to create a darker shade of brunette. I think I’ll be trying that one when I want to darken my hair after summer!

Overall, my experience using these products has been awesome and I got the subtle change I was looking for! I would definitely recommend using them if you’re looking for a little change, too.

All of the products I’ve mentioned in this post can be found at Walmart.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of John Frieda® Hair Care. The experts at John Frieda® Hair Care challenge you to rethink everything you know about hair colour with their latest innovative products that allow you to change your hair colour right in the shower


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