Keep Playing #LikeAGirl


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I was watching the Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing video earlier (check it out here) and I love the message it sends, not only to young girls but all females. The video is about girls being told they shouldn’t do something (like play certain sports) because they’re a girl.  They lose confidence in themselves and get discouraged, but like this video shows, it’s important to “keep playing”. 

I think this message can be related to other areas of life too. To me, Keep Playing means to keep working toward your goals, despite whatever is trying to bring you down. We should feel empowered and have the confidence to go after whatever dreams we have. No goal is unreachable just because we’re girls! 

In my own life, I have many goals I want to achieve and a lot of them have to do with this blog. I have so many creative ideas that are just bursting to get out! I’m also in the process of growing an actual career from it. Sure, there are plenty of things that could potentially stand in my way. I’ve had my share of obstacles and set-backs. At times, I wonder if I’m good enough to accomplish my goals. It can be so incredibly hard to fight through at times, but Keep Playing means to never give up and I’m not going to! If you truly want something, you should keep going for it until it becomes a reality.


Keep Playing - #LikeAGirl Always

Doing some brainstorming


I feel like Keep Playing also means to not be afraid to be yourself. You shouldn’t have to hide your interests, qualities, or quirks from anyone. Those are the things that make you unique and an individual. The Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing Video reminds of these things. It inspires me to keep working hard and stay true to myself, even when times get tough. 


Keep Playing - Always #LikeAGirl

Part of who I am is being silly sometimes!


The Always Like A Girl campaign is about putting an end to the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty. The campaign started by turning the phrase, “Like a girl”, into a positive thing. I love how encouraging this message is and I’m happy to help spread it. I think it’s super important to get this across to young girls . I think it’s also a great reminder to all women too.

Remember to go after the things you truly want and to “Keep Playing”. Continue spreading this message by reminding girls and women around you to do the same! Let’s build each other up!!



Ashley is a twenty-something California girl, who loves writing, photography, shopping, drawing, and testing beauty products.