Video: My Perfume Collection & Display

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I made a video showing my perfume collection and display. Check it out and tell me if you have any of the same fragrances!

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Mentioned in the video:

Cinderella  Carriage Silhouette
Benefit Maybe Baby
Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria
Clinique Happy
Coach Poppy
Coach Poppy Flower
Escada Marine Groove
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia
Gucci Flora
Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine
Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly


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Ashley is a twenty-something California girl, who loves writing, photography, shopping, drawing, and testing beauty products. She lives with her boyfriend, Mark, and their pet bunny, Peaches.

  • Diana Devlin

    I love your perfume display! How beautiful! I have to see if I can find that cake stand in Home Goods. What a clever idea to use that as a display for the perfume bottles! Those perfume decanters/atomizers are gorgeous! You didn’t mention where you bought any of them, especially the last one you showed that you said is your most favorite. I have a huge collection of perfumes but I keep almost all of them in a cabinet in their original boxes so the light doesn’t get to them. I only display a few that are in dark colored bottles. Thanks for making this video!!

    • Ashley

      Diana, thanks for your comment and your compliments! I didn’t think to mention where I got the decanters because I bought them from local shops and have zero info on them. I probably should’ve mentioned that in the video though! I’m sure I’ll get more questions about them. Your feedback is very helpful for future videos/posts – “decanters” was a better term for me to use. Thanks for that :)